It’s time for Greene County Public Library’s Summer Reading Book Sales! All seven community libraries will have a great selection of books for kids and teens.

Tim Waggoner has published close to forty novels and three collections of short stories. He writes original dark fantasy and horror, as well as media tie-ins, and his articles on writing have appeared in numerous publications.

Whether you’re in it to win it, or just to relax with friends and family, you’ll have a blast at these gaming programs coming up at the library.

Debut author Gunnery Sgt. L. Christian Bussler (Ret.), who served as a Mortuary Affairs marine in the first three years of the Iraq War. He will discuss his book No Tougher Duty, No Greater Honor, which offers a first-hand account of his unique experiences to return fallen soldiers home with honor.

Learn to program robots, create electronic inventions, and even turn household objects into a piano keyboard at these upcoming science and engineering programs.

Kids of all ages will be dazzled by feats of wizardry, agility, science, and amazing skill at these shows. See performances by Greene County favorites—and a few new faces—all summer long.