We learn a lot more about the characters in this section: Why Jane worries Ziggy is secretly violent, Celeste’s fears about her husband’s abuse, and Madeline’s issues with her teenage daughter.

Madeline keeps stirring the pot with Renata throughout this first section. What do you think of her? Why is she so dead-set on including Ziggy and Jane? How do you think this relates to the murder?

In Big Little Lies, an elementary school’s trivia night turns violent. We don’t know exactly what occurred that night—just that someone was murdered, and that parents were involved. There are a lot of twisting, interconnected relationships to unravel as we solve the mystery.

In the first chapter of this section, we see Cassie from the perspective of someone called a silencer—an alien or someone employed by the aliens who is hunting Cassie down. But at the end of the chapter, he runs away instead of killing Cassie. Are the invaders capable of compassion?

Cassie is by herself when we first meet her, but she wasn’t always that way. What did you think of the flashback where she explains the experience she has at the campground outside of Wright Patterson? Where do you think the bus was taking all of the kids, and why do you think they just wanted kids?

After aliens sweep through the Earth in waves, our protagonist Cassie is alone and fighting desperately to stay alive. The past couple of months have taught Cassie that she needs to fight alone, but to rescue her brother, she must trust a mysterious boy she meets after she is wounded.

This man in black seems too good to be true. He’s able to climb up that really steep mountain, he beats Inigo in a duel, and he beats Fezzik in a fight. He even bests the Sicilian. How can one man be so good at so many things?

The Princess Bride is the story of an incredibly beautiful girl named Buttercup who falls in love with a boy who is taken from her. She is forced to marry a prince, but before they can marry, she is kidnapped by a mercenary and his henchmen. Buttercup ends up getting rescued by a pirate, and that’s when the real fun begins.