After Maddy and Olly touched, it seemed inevitable that she wouldn’t be content with life inside the house anymore. How surprised were you that she left her house, bought plane tickets, and went to Hawaii with Olly?

Were you afraid that Grann was going to be really hurt while traveling around the jungle? Do you think the ruins Heckenberger showed him was the elusive Z that Fawcett tried to find?

Do you think that Grann will be able to discover a lost city by the end of the book? Do you have any ideas about what might have happened to Fawcett during his last journey?

The Lost City of Z is a true story of Percy Fawcett, a British explorer who traveled all over the Amazon in search of a lost civilization he called “Z,” and the modern author who tried to trace the steps of Fawcett’s mysterious final journey.

The section where Deborah and Zakariyya finally get to see their mother’s cells in the lab was really cool. I was so glad that they were able to have a positive experience with a scientist. He was so patient to explain everything, and he explained everything in terms that they could understand.

Henrietta’s family has struggled to understand how Henrietta’s cells have been used, and they felt taken advantage of by different people and groups. What did you think of the family, especially Dorothy? How do you think you would react if you were in their shoes?

Rebecca Skloot, the author, makes some efforts to connect with Henrietta’s family in this first section, but they are hesitant to meet with her. How do you think Skloot will break through their defenses and get to know more about their mother?