The first clue that sends Langdon on his journey around Florence is a Botticelli illustration for Dante’s Inferno. But while Langdon and Sienna are rushing around trying to interpret this first clue, they are also being chased.

In Inferno, Robert Langdon is a professor of symbology at Harvard who is tasked to use his knowledge of symbols to help save the world.

In this section, Mark finally makes contact with NASA—but after being alone for so long and after surviving so much, he gets annoyed with how NASA tries to tell him how to do everything.

Can you imagine being Mark, stranded in space and feeling completely and utterly alone? Mark’s journey really reinforces how terrifying space travel could be.

The Martian tells the story of an astronaut stranded on Mars after his crew endures a horrible wind storm, and his efforts to make food and stay safe while NASA plans a daring rescue mission.

From the first moment we meet Madame Mallory, we see that she has a deep sadness and fears that she will never get her third Michelin star. I think that really colors her impression of Hassan’s family.