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Welcome to the third week of our Online Book Club discussion of Brooklyn!

In this third section, Eilis falls in love. She’s slowly making a life for herself, enjoying school and her job, and then she meets Tony. She meets him at an Irish dance, even though he is not Irish. What were your first impressions of Tony? Didn’t you think he was really sweet and caring? He’s a little obsessed with baseball, but other than that, he seems really lovely.

I really enjoyed several parts of Tony and Eilis’s courtship. I liked when they went to meet Tony’s family. His little brother was quite a trip. Could you believe that he just announced to everyone that they didn’t like Irish people? Eilis was good to humor him. I also liked when they went to the baseball game. Eilis was able to enjoy the game and see a different side of Tony, which impressed me. I don’t think I would have quite as good of an attitude if I had to go somewhere and watch something I knew nothing about.

Didn’t your heart just sink when Father Flood came into the store to find Eilis? I was shocked that Rose passed away. We didn’t have any indication that she was ill, so it was really startling to find that she was the one who had died. I expected that Eilis would have to go back home, but I was a little surprised that Tony insisted they get married before she went. I understood that he felt that if they were married, she would have more of a reason to come back, but I still thought it came as a bombshell. What did you think when Eilis agreed to the marriage before returning to Ireland? Did you think that was the best thing to do?

How do you think Eilis’s trip home will go? She hasn’t yet told her mother about Tony—do you think she will? Do you think it will be hard for Eilis to fit back in to her old life?

Just because I loved the movie, and I hope you will watch it, I’m going to leave another clip. Let me know what you think.

Join us next week as we finish the book!

4 Responses to “Brooklyn, Week 3”

  1. Carrol

    I really like Tony. He seems so down-to-earth. He is a really hard-worker and a strong family man. I can’t imagine how loud that house is with all those males. I feel sorry for Tony’s mom!

    I was shocked when Rose died. I felt so sorry for Eilis. It must have been so hard to realize she couldn’t be there for her family and for the funeral. She always expected to see Rose again. I wonder if she will have a sense of closure since she wasn’t there.

    I am a little worried about her going home. Her mother will need her and will assume she has come to stay. Poor Eilis. She has really made a life for herself in America. Going to school and meeting Tony have been great for her. Poor Tony. Surely, he is worried about her return.

    I am anxious to see what happens!

    • Erin K.

      Carrol, I’m glad that you really liked Tony. I really liked him, too. You’re right–I can’t imagine how loud that house would be with all of those people in one little apartment.

      I think it would have almost been harder for her to lose her sister than her mom since it’s almost expected that you’ll lose a parent before losing a sibling. And, it would be really hard to lose a sibling or any family member if you didn’t have the chance to say goodbye or attend the funeral.

      You’re right about Eilis’s mom. I’m interested to see what you think about the last section!

      Thanks for leaving a comment! Talk to you next week!

  2. Jane Engle

    Although at first Tony appeared to be very nice and attentive when he was around Eilis, I could not help but wonder if there were things he was being careful not to reveal when he was with her, especially at church-sponsored dances. The truth that he was a plumber and his parents were from Italy was the “big” and basically inconsequential surprise. Upon meeting and being around Tony’s family, I am certain that Eilis would have liked them and felt accepted despite Frank’s revealing remark.

    When Father Flood came into the store to talk to Eilis, I was certain he was bringing bad news but did not know what to expect. Learning that Rose had died was the worst thing that Eilis would have had to face since it was so unexpected and impacted her mother’s care.

    I could understand why Tony would have wanted to marry her before Eilis returned home. With him expecting to do so, I do not think she would have ever given a thought about anything different. While I do not think it was wise, it actually may have been the best thing if she wanted more than Ireland could offer.

    Now aware of the problems on her trip to the States, her trip home should be alright. I am certain those who know her will be interested in learning about her experiences. Having become more worldly and independent, she may find it difficult to deal with her mother’s and others’ plans for her. Hopefully, she will be able to stand up for herself and not yield under pressure. Although she will want to talk about Tony, it will be difficult for her and may take a long time before she does.

    • Erin K.

      Jane, you’re right about Tony’s “surprises.” I don’t think Eilis would have really cared if he had told her those details up front.

      I think Tony thought that marriage would be sure to bring Eilis home, but I know she didn’t consider all of the things about her mother’s care before leaving. That will make it harder for her to be able to come home.

      I think you’re right about the way Eilis will feel when she comes back to Ireland. She has had so many experiences that the rest of her friends and family haven’t had, so it will be hard for her to slip back in her old role.

      I can’t wait to hear what you think of the last section! Thanks for leaving a comment! Talk to you next week!

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