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Welcome to the final Online Book Club discussion of Big Little Lies!

You made it all the way through the book! Were you surprised by the ending? I wasn’t that surprised that Perry was the one who was murdered, but I was shocked that Bonnie was the one to do it, and that Perry was actually Ziggy’s father.

At the beginning of this section, Madeline runs into more trouble with her teenage daughter when her daughter tries to sell her virginity online to help raise money for Amnesty International. That was a gut-wrenching situation, but it did seem to help bring Madeline and her ex-husband closer together as they deal with it.

Ziggy makes the big revelation that he isn’t the one who has been hurting Amabella. Instead, one of Celeste’s twins, Max, has been attacking her. Wasn’t it devastating how this little boy was affected by the violence he saw at home and started acting violently himself? After Celeste found out about Max, she decided she needed to leave Perry. Do you think she would have actually left Perry if he hadn’t died at Trivia Night? Were you relieved that Ziggy had nothing to do with the violence?

What did you think when Jane accused Perry of being Saxon Banks? I was totally shocked. And, then, we discovered that Jane moved to the area because she knew that Saxon/Perry lived in the area. That was amazing to me as well.

After Bonnie witnesses Perry’s violence against Celeste, she pushes him off the balcony. At first, it looks like everyone is going to lie and say they didn’t see what happened, but Bonnie ends up confessing.

Everyone kind of gets a happy ending. Celeste is able to move on and start to help others, Jane finds love, and Madeline gets some peace in her family. Do you think the ending is believable? Did you like how the story ended for each character? What did you think about Perry’s death?

Let me know what you thought of the book in the comments section! If you’re interested in the mini-series, check out this interview with the main actresses.

Also check out this article: HBO has announced that it will continue the story on television.

I hope you’ll join us next month as we read the Big Read book, The Underdogs, by Melissa Fay Greene. Talk to you then!

2 Responses to “Big Little Lies, Week 4”

  1. Carrol

    This book had me going to the very end. I was really surprised Perry was the one who died. I was even more surprised it was Bonnie who pushed him over the railing.

    I am really glad the truth came out. Obviously, Bonnie did not mean to kill Perry, so I was relieved she didn’t end up in jail.

    I really liked the way the book ended. I thought the characters really developed and grew from these horrible experiences.

    I have to admit I would like the story to keep going because I really liked this book.

    Thanks for guiding us through another great book.

    • Greg L.

      Glad you enjoyed it, Carrol! Thanks for joining us this month!

      There will be a season 2 of the TV show, so there’s certainly more story to come. It looks like Liane Moriarty wrote the story the second season will be based on as a novella, so hopefully that will be published as well!

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