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Welcome to Week 3 of the Online Book Club discussion of Big Little Lies.

Wasn’t this section interesting? It answered a lot of questions, and we learned so much more about the characters.

First, we find out a lot more about Jane. We learn the circumstances around Ziggy’s birth, and why Jane worries that he is secretly violent. We also discover why she struggles to eat and why she continually chews gum. Could you believe that Jane had to endure that horrible experience? I can’t even imagine how the whole choking incident made her feel like Ziggy was somehow part of his father. Later in the section, the school accuses Ziggy of even more violence with Amabella, which sends Jane over the edge. Jane also has to deal with the petition that parents are signing to have Ziggy removed from school. Do you think all of these things give Jane a reason to commit a violent crime?

Meanwhile, Celeste’s husband is becoming more violent. Celeste is going to counseling, but it doesn’t seem like the counseling will do much if her husband doesn’t go with her. Celeste also gets her own apartment, something that I don’t think will go over very well with her husband when he finds out. Near the end of the section, Perry and Celeste get into a big fight, and he is more violent than he has ever been. Celeste thinks to herself that Perry will one day kill her. Do you think that’s a clue to the ending of the book?

Jane and Celeste’s stories start to overlap in chapter 45 when we realize that the man who attacked Jane is Perry’s cousin. Does it surprise you that a relative of Perry’s could be responsible for such violence?

Madeline deals a lot with her teenage daughter and her ex-husband in this section. Do you think that’s why she is so obsessed with helping Jane? Do you think she feels like Jane is kind of like a daughter to her?

What about the murder mystery? Do you think you have the ending all mapped out? Do you have any characters that you are suspecting? What do you think of all of the bullying happening throughout the book? Can you believe that the parents are being so cruel to Ziggy?

I hope you enjoyed this section! Tell me what you think in the comments section. Make sure to finish the book before next week!

2 Responses to “Big Little Lies, Week 3”

  1. Carrol

    I am overwhelmed by all of the abuse discussed in this section. Perry makes me sick. How can he be so horrible “behind closed doors.” I am afraid for Celeste. I just keep thinking one of these times of abuse will be the end.

    I definitely feel so sorry for Jane. I am really glad that Madeline is her friend. I really hope she will keep Ziggy in school and stay where she is. Hopefully, she will get the support she needs from Celeste and Madeline.

    I honestly have no idea about the ending. I am reading so carefully. I am very anxious to read the rest of the book.

    • Greg L.

      Carrol, I think maybe Perry can be so horrible because of the closed doors—he presents a respectable face to the world and can convince himself (or at least, other people) that that’s who he truly is and the abuse is an aberration.

      That element was really tough to read, but I thought it was very well done. The way he sows doubt in Celeste’s mind, taking advantage of her willingness to grant the benefit of the doubt to make her question what she’s experiencing, is atrocious, but I think it’s something that has a basis in a lot of real-world examples of abuse.

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