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Welcome to Week 2 of the Online Book Club discussion of Big Little Lies.

What did you think of the first section? Were you totally immersed in the mystery as soon as you finished the first chapter? I sure was. I really enjoyed the little interview clips at the end of each chapter. They were the most exciting part for me to read, and I loved how they told a little bit more about the mystery with each line. Did you enjoy reading those parts and then trying to figure out what they revealed?

In the first couple of chapters, we meet the main characters, Jane, Madeline, and Celeste. Each woman is so different, but they are united by the fact that their children go to the same school. I think I would be intimidated by Madeline and Celeste, but I think I could be friends with Jane. What were your first impressions of each woman?

The first real conflict occurs when Amabella, a girl at school, claims Jane’s son Ziggy choked her. This causes a rift between Jane and Renata, Amabella’s mother. It also causes a rift between all of the mothers in the class. All of the women want to side with Renata except Madeline, who immediately sides with Jane. Do you believe that Ziggy choked Amabella?

We also learn in this section that Celeste does not have a happy marriage. Her husband is abusive, but she can’t seem to figure out a way to escape. Were you surprised by the sad secret lurking in Celeste’s perfect-looking marriage?

Madeline keeps stirring the pot with Renata throughout this first section. She plans a party during Amabella’s birthday party, and she starts a controversial book club. What do you think of Madeline? Why is she so dead-set on including Ziggy and Jane? How do you think this relates to the murder?

Do you have the mystery all figured out? Which character do you like reading about the most?

If you’re interested to read more about Liane Moriarty’s inspiration for the book, check out this interview from The Guardian.

I hope you liked this first section and are interested in reading the rest of the book. Read through chapter 56 for next week!

3 Responses to “Big Little Lies, Week 2”

  1. Greg L.

    Hi everyone, Greg here from the library’s Community Information department with your weekly reminder that I’ll be filling in for Erin for the discussion portion of the book club this month. Hope you’re enjoying the book so far and I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

  2. Carrol

    You were right. I was drawn in right away. I don’t have the mystery figured out yet, but the clips at the end of each chapter are really interesting.

    I like reading about Madeline. She is a very strong character. I thought it was so nice for her to be so helpful to Jane who is a pretty sad character to me. I know I am going to find out some interesting things about her. I did feel very sorry for Madeline when her daughter decided to live with her Dad. That separation is going to be very painful.

    I am disgusted by what is going on in Celeste’s marriage. Obviously, she is not handling things well on her own, so she is going to have to reach out for help.

    I really don’t think Ziggy chocked Amabella. I find it interesting that her bruises could be so bad that quickly.

    These parents are really something. Their behavior is so childish. Surely, they have more important things to do.

    I am definitely interested in reading the next section!

    • Greg L.

      Carrol, I like reading about Madeline too—although I like reading about all of the characters, even if I don’t like the characters themselves! I’m impressed by how the author created this town of people that are interesting to read about, even if I think I wouldn’t want to live there.

      I agree with you about Ziggy and Amabella—that whole accusation doesn’t really sit right with me and it seems like there’s a whole other story somewhere… I hope we learn what it is!

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