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Beavercreek Community Library has reopened and returned to its normal operating hours. The library was temporarily closed in December and January for planned construction that includes a larger meeting room, a more interactive children’s area, and ADA compliant restrooms.

“We are excited to be reopening our busiest library,” says Elizabeth Cusack, Deputy Director, who serves as project manager on renovations. “We conducted a community survey to see what patrons wanted out of their library. The improvements made to the library directly address the feedback we received from the survey.”

Library service will only continue to improve, according to Cusack. The library will be adding digital signage and faster checkout systems, as well as instituting processes that will return materials from the check-in bin to the library shelf faster. Many of the changes to the floor plan and services are a result of a grant from the Ohio Development Services Agency Local Government Efficiency Program.

Library programming for all ages—children, teens, and adults—will immediately resume. Check the library’s online calendar for details.

Beavercreek Community Library

12 Responses to “Beavercreek Library Reopens”

  1. Anthony Foley

    Oh frabjous day!

  2. Cheryl

    I am so very excited!!! I have been checking every time I drive by to see if had reopened. The library is one of my favorite places!!!

  3. Fiona

    So the renovation is finished?

    • Library Staff

      Hi Fiona,
      Yes, we are fully reopen and have resumed normal operating hours.

  4. Erin shiner

    I have missed the library greatly but the bookmobile folks were great, thanks!!

  5. Fiona

    The library was so confusing!

    • Library Staff

      Hi Fiona,
      Hopefully the new layout of the library is a little easier to navigate!

  6. Linda

    will you still have a section devoted to just mysteries?

    • Library Staff

      Hi Linda,
      All the fiction at our Beavercreek Community Library will now be interfiled—meaning it will be mixed with other genres like fantasy, science fiction, or classics. This helps when one author writes in multiple genres.

      • Linda

        Well, bummer. I’ve been using the Dayton library while the Beavercreek one was closed, and their setup is the same way with everything mixed together. Thoroughly disliked it. Will the mysteries at least have a different colored sticker on the spine so they can be easily picked out from the other genres?

        • Ryan I.

          Hi Linda,
          Yes, mysteries will still have a blue sticker on the spine to help identify them. Thank you for your feedback.

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