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Beavercreek Community Library will be temporarily closed from December 12, 2016, through February of 2017 for renovation.

During the closure, community members can still return items in the bookdrop and check out holds from the Bookmobile, which will be in the library parking lot during the following hours:

  • Monday through Thursday: Noon to 7 p.m.
  • Friday: Noon to 6 p.m.
  • Saturday: 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Once the library reopens, patrons can expect to see a larger meeting room space, added study areas, increased programming area, and a more accessible collection. The remodel also allows the library to update the restrooms to meet ADA standards.

The Beavercreek Community Library renovation is the latest in a series of upgrades to the Greene County Public Library system. All of the library’s buildings, with the exception of Xenia Community Library and the library’s processing center, are owned by local jurisdictions. Since 2000, the library has worked with the communities to provide upgrades to each building as needed.

The planned improvements to Beavercreek are the result of a community satisfaction survey conducted last year as well as a seating survey run within the library. Deputy Director, Elizabeth Cusack secured $50,000 of funding through a LeanOhio grant with the aim of streamlining the library patron experience. Part of the improved experience will be the library’s automated material handling system—a machine that checks in and sorts library materials.

“The third point of the library’s strategic plan is to create a comfortable place to visit,” says Cusack. “That is exactly what we are doing in Beavercreek.”

Of the seven library locations, Beavercreek Community Library is the highest circulating library in Greene County and serves the largest number of patrons. The library was built in 1979 and has been renovated a number of times, most recently in 2005.

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15 Responses to “Beavercreek Library to Be Renovated”

  1. Casey Kelliher

    It would be helpful if this announcement included information on what Beavercreek holdings, if any, will be available by some means during the renovation. Unless the Bookmobile has TARDIS-like qualities, it will only be able to house a small fraction of the collection. And what might that Bookmobile selection include?

    Thank you!

    • Library Staff

      Hi Casey,
      The Bookmobile is much larger on the inside than you’d expect. 😉
      Patrons will only be able to pick up their holds from the Bookmobile due to the lack of space. If you miss visiting the library and attending programs, please visit one of our other six locations.

  2. Judy Nablo

    Will users be able to put a hold on Beavercreek materials or are materials from the other branches the only ones available? Thank you for making pickup of holds so accessible.

  3. Jonathan Goble

    If one wishes to obtain a title for which the only copy is at Beavercreek, will it be possible to submit an online request to have it held (either at the Bookmobile or another branch), or would such an item be completely unavailable until the end of remodeling? This pertains to a particular non-fiction book that I check out occasionally when I need to refer to it, so it’s not just a speculative question. 🙂 Thanks!

    • Library Staff

      Hi Jonathan,
      The Beavercreek collection will be unavailable during the remodel. If you want an item, feel free to check it out ahead of time and take advantage of our extended due dates. Or, if you prefer, you could order it through interlibrary loan.

  4. Amy Cull

    When we put books on hold to be picked up at the bookmobile do we still assign our pick-up location as “Beavercreek”? Will we still have access to the materials that are from the Beavercreek branch’s collection when we put them on hold?

    • Library Staff

      Hi Amy,
      If you want to pick up your holds from the Bookmobile, then mark your pickup location as “Beavercreek.” The Beavercreek collection will be unavailable during the remodel. If you want an item, feel free to check it out ahead of time and take advantage of our extended due dates. Or, if you prefer, you could order it through interlibrary loan.

  5. Victoria Rogers

    I’m always so surprised how loud it is in this library. Anyone trying to study here doesn’t have many options for quiet. The computers are right in the middle aisle, near the DVDs; frequently, even with headphones, it’s impossible to concentrate. I’ve always been pleased with the materials, but it seems that most libraries, especially this one, have forgotten that it is to be a quiet place for learning.Often the desk workers forget to not raise their vocal volume to match that of the patron.Am looking forward to a place where some solace can be found. Thanks!

    • Library Staff

      Hi Victoria,
      As part of the new layout for the Beavercreek Community Library we are hoping to limit the amount of noise pollution by relocating the computers. We will also have devoted study areas for folks who come to the library looking for solitude.

  6. sylvia hess

    Do not like the new system of integrating all fiction, instead of by genre. If I’m looking for a mystery, for example, I really don’t want to have to look through the entire fiction collection–with so little time available for reading, I hate to spend it just looking for books.

    • Library Staff

      Hi Sylvia,
      Interfiling does have both advantages and disadvantages. We are hoping the pros outweigh the cons. One benefit is that all the works by one author will be grouped together, rather than spread out over different genres.

  7. Jean Madison

    It is a great idea. It will be easier to find books.

  8. Alice Britt

    I like the new integrated fiction section. If I only have a few minutes in the library, I check the computer ‘card catalog’ for a specific book or author. But I prefer to roam the stacks where I find all genre of books that I would not normally pick up.

    • Library Staff

      Hi Alice,
      Part of the new organization for fiction is meant to help patrons discover titles and authors they may have never otherwise seen. We’re glad to hear you like it!

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