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Welcome to Week 3 of the Online Book Club!

Because of the holidays and the hectic nature of this time, this will be our final discussion for the month of December.

Did you know that A Christmas Carol was not Charles Dickens’s only Christmas story? Apparently, he was quite the prolific Christmas story writer, so he published several Christmas tales. Since I hadn’t ever heard of any of these stories before starting my research for this book discussion, I have to assume that these other Christmas stories were not as popular as A Christmas Carol. However, they still seem interesting. If you go to the New York Public Library’s website, you can see summaries of and illustrations from each story. After reading the summaries, I have to say that I think The Cricket on the Hearth: A Fairy Tale of Home seems like the most interesting story. I am a sucker for tales of intrigue, so I think a story about a man in disguise and a cricket seems almost too good to be true. What do you think? Which of these stories did you think was the most interesting? Have any of you read any of these before? If so, tell me why I should or shouldn’t read it!

So, what do you think of the ending of this story? The skeptic in me wants to think that a hardened man like Scrooge wouldn’t be able to completely change his life and his perspective with just a few memories. But the memories were pretty intense, so I guess they could really rock him and make him reevaluate his choices. I do think that Scrooge’s transformation is more believable than the Grinch’s in How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

At the end of the book, we know that Scrooge becomes a different man, and we know that he gives Tiny Tim a chance at life. But what do you think happens after that? How else do you think Scrooge’s transformation could change the world in which he lives?

A Christmas Carol is probably one of the most recognizable Christmas books and movies, but I’m sure there are some other great ones that I am not familiar with. Please share your favorite holiday books and movies in the comments section. I would love to find another great story or movie that I can revisit every year!

Thanks for following along with me this month. I hope you’ll come back next month as we tackle a classic. We’ll start the year off right by reading Wuthering Heights! I hope to hear from you then.


3 Responses to “A Christmas Carol: Week 3”

  1. Carrol

    Thank you for the article from the NYPL website. I had no idea there are other Christmas stories by Dickens. They sure seem interesting. I guess I would pick the love story. It sounds like a guaranteed happy ending.

    I really like the ending of A Cristmas Carol. I think Scrooge is a changed man. I think his transformation is real. I don’t think he really knew how much he was hurting other people. Seeing and hearing how people reacted to the news of Scrooge’s death really affected him. I think even he did not want to believe he was so despicable. He was given a second chance, and Scrooge would take advantage off it.

    I think Scrooge will look for opportunities to help others. He will continue to help the Cratchit family, but he will always be on the lookout to find someone in need to help. His transformation will definitely inspire others to make changes in their own lives. If Scrooge can do it, so can they.

    One of my favorite Christmas stories is “The Gift of the Magi.” Jim and Della are great examples of selfless love and devotion.

    Thanks for choosing a great story for us this month.

    • Erin K.

      I like The Gift of the Magi, too, Carrol. I remember that I was first introduced to that story through a radio program called Adventures in Odyssey. They had a remake version that was really, really funny. I think it was called “The Gift of Madge and Guy.”

      Do you think you will try to read any of the other Christmas stories? I like the idea of reading more, but my reading list is so long that I probably won’t get to read anything before the holiday season ends!

      Thanks for following along and commenting so frequently! I hope you’ll still join us next year! We have some great titles coming in the next couple of months!

  2. Sue

    I wanted to make a side note – about the ghost of Christmas past. After following along this month, I reflected on how the GoCP was represented in the movies and the book. I am struck that there is no consistency. He (or even she) is shown young, old, as a flame, different in each. The ghost of Christmas present is pretty consistent as a large jolly soul, often with red hair and beard, and a long green robe. The ghost of Christmas yet to come is also always shown the same way – no face, large black robe, no dialogue. It just struck me that each director would take such liberties with that one character and yet keep many of the rest of the characters almost ‘textbook’. Merry Christmas!

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