In the first eleven chapters, I found myself flip-flopping on my opinion of Heathcliff. At first, I felt sorry for him because Hindley was so mean to him. But then he turns into a monster, and I really didn’t like him at all.

As you can imagine, this book and movie garnered some controversy. The ending is incredibly sobering, so I hope that you were able to get through it all.

I feel like the birthday dinner scene was a turning point in the story. It shows how Lou and Will are growing closer, and that maybe they have deeper feelings for each other than they originally let on.

When she loses her beloved job at a bakery, Louisa struggles to find a job and really just stumbles into the job with Will. At first, he seems to be impossible to be around.

When Louisa Clark loses her job, she becomes a caretaker for Will, who is a quadriplegic. The pair get off to a rocky start, but soon learn to get along.

This last section was incredibly disturbing. Were you able to make it through until the very end, or was the book too hard to get through?